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E.I. Williams facilities operate with fully integrated metal fabrication equipment including CNC machines and automatic welding machines.

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Over 20 years of professional experience in manufacturing the highest quality noise enclosures and industrial silencer, EI Williams has successfully earned a remarkable reputation as a pioneering industrial silencer center specialist, operating across the United States and Canada. Our core manufacturing facilities at EI Williams operate with fully integrated and customized metal fabrication equipments, which include automatic welding machines and CNC machines.

At EI Williams, custom built fabrication assignments are our core Specialty, operating in close collaboration with the clients, and customized to cater to specific business needs, continuously exceeding initial expectations in the most impressive manner. In addition to manufacturing superior quality acoustical enclosures and industry silencers, tailored to client needs, we offer rail and telecommunications industry products for battery backup power unit cabinets, and antenna poles and supports for satellite communications.

Our core business at EI Williams has three major areas of focus – Metal Products Division, Business Industry and Manufactured Products Services, and Safety and Security Products. Focusing on these business areas, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial silencer and noise enclosure products as discussed herewith:

Rotary Positive Blower Intake and Discharge Silencers – This special type of industrial silencer is available in different sizes, and includes reference chamber absorption silencers for blowers operating above the transition speed, and chamber silencers for blowers operating below the transition speed. In addition to this, different catalogue configurations for nozzle orientation and installation are also available.

Pod Silencers for Rotary Positive Blower – EI Williams manufacture highest quality pod silencers that are particularly designed to prompt assembly of blower packages, and offers superior silencing on blower discharge for ones operating above transition speed. The silencer pod for blower with supports and motor are combined as a single unit to form an important part of the silencer. This facilitates quick installation, and significantly reduces overall assembly costs and labor.

Noise Enclosures – These are available in a unique suitcase design, with removable panels, in two halves, or with access doors to meet specific requirements.

Combination Silencers for Rotary Positive Blowers – EI Williams develops a two-in-one design for blowers having a horizontal air flow. Both the discharge reference and intake silencers are combined together with a motor base and blower to form an important part, which is available in both chamber absorption and chamber silencers.

Engine Silencers – These silencers with compressor are built for turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines available in residential, industrial, and hospital grade. Depending on the degree of silencing required, there are different configurations available for nozzle orientation to suit specific installations.

Fan Silencers – EI Williams manufacture forced or induced draft industrial fan silencers, with absorptive design and low pressure drop available in varied sizes.

Vent Silencers – High quality vent silencers manufactured by EI Williams are used in high pressure vents, safety relief valve outlets, steam vents, purge outlets, and system blow downs.

Centrifugal Compressor Silencers – These are built on absorptive, low sure drop design available in different designs.

Positive Displacement Blower Silencer – A Positive Displacement Blower Silencer contains two or three rotors that help to trap pockets of air each time they pass an inlet and a discharge connection.

Centrifugal Fan Silencer – A Centrifugal Fan Silencers needs to be carefully matched with a fan inlet or an outlet air profile in order to offer the most effective fan noise control with low additional pressure requirements.

Axial Fan Silencer – Axial fan silencers are used for many different systems in the areas of industrial and commercial applications.

Blow off Silencer – In cases of blow off silencers regarding highly compressed vapour or gas in an open air set, kinetic energy is formed with high amplitude pressure fluctuations.

Industrial Enclosure – E.I. Williams provides you with a wide selection of Industrial Enclosures that can meet your design requirements involving Industrial Enclosures.

Blower Enclosure – Blower Enclosures have been designed by EI Williams for removable acoustic steel sound enclosures for Blower Enclosures.

Centrifugal Silencers – Centrifugal compressors are noisy and require noise control. Just as a pump raises the pressure on a liquid, a compressor raises air or gas pressure.

Thermal Insulation Blankets – Thermal Insulation Blankets by E.I. Williams are used to insulate engine parts, exhaust piping and components, and industrial process piping and machinery.

To learn more about EI Williams, call us at (905) 428-0950 or toll-free at 1-877-840-3347 or you can also email us at If you need more information on ordering from an Blowdown Silencer Manufacturer, please contact Jim Williams at info@eiwilliams.com for further inquiries.

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