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About EI Williams

Tailoring Products and Services for Business and Industry Globally since 1992

Designing and developing superior quality products and services for businesses and industries since 1992, EI Williams is a renowned manufacturer of industry silencers and noise enclosures, serving the global client base for more than 20 years now. We are a reputable and preferred industrial silencer center specialist, with our business operations spanning throughout North America, including the United States of America and Canada in particular. We present specialized, fully integrated metal fabrication facility, well equipped with CNC machines and automatic welding machines.

At its core, EI Williams incorporates three major business units as discussed herewith:

Metal Products Division – It is a fully integrated, high performance metal fabrication facility, which is equipped with highest quality automatic welding machines and CNC.

Business Industry and Manufactured Products Division – The BIMP business unit of EI Williams relies on our years of professional experience and depth of knowledge in three major service sectors. The services are particularly tailored to support the targeted operating areas and practices within the Manufactured and Business Products environment.

Safety and Security Division – EI Williams ensures maximum security and safety to the industry clients, enabling them to successfully undertake even the most challenging tasks in a convenient manner. Our safety and security division ensures that only the highest quality silencers, blower, and compressor are manufactured for all applications. This business unit offers property and personnel protection products for a variety of settings.

Our Mission:

At EI Williams, our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and services through a dedicated team approach that result in a positive growing global impact. Quality and safety are our highest goal through which we aim at achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

EI Williams envisions being the most preferred and reliable industrial silencer and noise enclosure center specialist, offering the highest quality, custom designed products and services based on three core business areas, which includes Metal Products Division, Business Industry and Manufacturing Products Services, ad Safety and Security Products.

Our Values:

EI Williams is committed to core business values:

A positive team approach to achieve business objectives
Efficiently recognizing and supporting personal and corporate growth
Treating every client and employee with respect
Recognition and support for continuous innovation
Growth and improvement with unique market leadership
Pride in exceeding customer expectations

Our Services:

Our services at EI Williams are focused on four major areas as discussed herewith:

Business and Operating Services – EI Williams follows a practical approach to business and operating services, tailoring the management system for the company and not the company to the management systems.

Acoustical Services – We offer a comprehensive range of quality and reliable acoustical services that particularly cater to the needs of process, manufacturing, military, industrial, marine, and land based transportation system.

Vibration Services – EI Williams also offer an array of vibration products and services to meet particular business needs.

Safety and Security Products – We offer comprehensive property and personnel protection products in a wide variety of settings.

To learn more about EI Williams, call us at (905) 428-0950 or toll-free at 1-877-840-3347 or you can also email us at info@eiwilliams.com for further inquiries.

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