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Business Industry and Manufactured Products (BIMP™)

Presenting a remarkable reputation and outstanding manufacturing performance since 1992, EI Williams is a reputable name in industrial silencer and noise enclosure center specialist, designing and developing custom built products for businesses spanning throughout Canada and the United States of America. The company highlights professional experience of more than 20 years, with in-depth knowledge in the fields of three important service sectors – Business Industry and Manufactured Products, Metal Products Division, and Safety and Security Products. Focusing on these business areas, we offer a comprehensive range of services that are customized to cater to particular operating areas and practices.


Our dedicated services are strategically tailored to support medium sized clients with dispersed operations or large global enterprise-wide manufactured products’ organizations. With this focus, our services cater to the following areas:

Business and Operations Services
Vibration Services
Acoustical Services
Health and Safety Division

Business and Operating Services

At EI Williams, we offer a practical yet comprehensive approach to management systems, customizing the business management system for the company and not the vice versa. With this notion, we offer a myriad of business and operating services that are particularly catered to the custom management system. Here is a glimpse of our business and operating systems:

Industrial Engineering Audit / Review / Implementation
Enterprise-wide Risk Management Review / Implementation
Performance Management Assessments
IT Architectural Audit / Review / Implementation
Supply Chain Management Audit / Review / Implementation
Real-Time Performance Monitoring Actual vs. Plan Analysis
Logistics Audit / Review / Implementation
Site Operating Practices and Safety Audit / Review / Implementation
Site Business Audit / Review/Implementation

*ERM (or Enterprise-wide Risk Management) is an integrated process that enhances the achievement of objectives by identifying, measuring and responding to risk. ERM redefines risk as anything that could affect the achievement of objectives.

Acoustical Services

EI Williams also offers a wide range of acoustical services, catering to the needs of manufacturing, process, industrial, military, marine, and land based transportation system. Our effective acoustical services include:

Environmental impact study
Architectural planning and review
Industrial noise survey
Community noise survey
Product noise testing and evaluation
Product noise control
Short and long term noise monitoring
Expert testimony
Industrial hygiene practitioner review
Operational and timing cause-effect analysis

Vibration Services

At EI Williams, we offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality vibration products and services to meet specific business requirements. Our reliable and effective vibration services include:

Predictive condition monitoring for hybrid or turnkey options
Audit/review plant vibration and reliability programs
Machinery vibration testing for acceptance and diagnostic
Training in machinery vibration, alignment, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, and balancing
Vibration attenuation through precision alignment, dynamic balancing, isolation, damping, dynamic vibration absorbers, and resonance alteration
Related reliability products and services in motor management, laser alignment, infrared thermography, and ultrasonic noise detection
Vibration monitoring system sales, both online and portable

To learn more about EI Williams, call us at (905) 428-0950 or toll-free at 1-877-840-3347 or you can also email us at info@eiwilliams.com for further inquiries.

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