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Positive Displacement Blower Silencer

Positive Displacement Blower SilencerA Positive Displacement Blower Silencer contains two or three rotors that help to trap pockets of air each time they pass an inlet and a discharge connection. Then a pressure pulse is created, where this pressure pulse results in both noise and vibration. A blower packaged silencer is used to be able to reduce the noise and vibration that is caused.

Positive Displacement Blower silencers and Blower Packaged Silencers are needed for many different applications. E.I. Williams can provide you with different types of positive displacement blower silencers making us one of the industry experts, and blower packaged silencer helps you to save time and labor, it's a bolt-on package for you to get blower and motor.

A silencer is needed on any blower installation. When choosing a blower silencer, specifically, a positive displacement blower silencer, there are a few things to consider including the blower silencer needs be the proper size and the blower silencer needs to also be the proper type regarding all applications.

The positive displacement blower silencer size is based on gas volume. However, the design needs to be selected in regards to the various blower sizes and operating speeds. If you are looking for details involving applications where specifications need to be met, contact E.I. Williams today to get in touch with an engineer to ensure all your acoustical factors are considered such as silencer breakout sound and structure noise.

In regards to applications where the required insertion loss involving the silencer surpasses standard units, E.I. Williams can design and manufacture custom positive displacement blower silencers in order to meet specified standards.

PD Blower Brand Names that EI Williams is compatible with include:
- Roots
- Gardner Denver
- Tuthill

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