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Noise Enclosures

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Information On Noise Enclosures

Information On Acoustical Enclosures

Noise control and reduction of destructive turbulence in the manufacturing industry is becoming significantly apparent with ever-increasing safety, legislative and economic requirements, combined with growing worker compensation claims that involve hearing damage as it primary consideration. Initiation of an effective noise reduction program has become mandatory and important for industries today. At the same time, several federal, state, provincial, and local safety ordinances have been enacted of late to protect the environment and personnel from unwanted industrial noise that migrates off site.

Catering to the legislative noise reduction requirements and increasing worker compensation claims, EI Williams specializes in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of acoustically designed noise enclosures and panels, which can be quickly assembled to deliver complete or as required partial enclosures for any equipment or application producing excessive high frequency noise and turbulence. Our acoustic panels are strategically designed to provide optimum and effective noise control through tested and proven methods of sound absorption and sound transmission loss procedure.

We use our key absorption materials and proprietary internal arrangements to successfully exceed your requirements in the most impressive manner. With the vision of achieving 100% customer satisfaction, our unique noise panel internal arrangements at EI Williams are particularly designed and sized for each application, thus, catering to your specific requirements in the most appreciative manner. We are distinct in our potential to deliver customized solutions in a cost effective and timely manner, ensuring that your performance goals and project needs will never have to be compromised to fit into pre-conceived solution or standard product offering.

Noise Enclosure Applications

The highest quality noise enclosures manufactured at EI Williams can be effectively used in multiple applications as mentioned herewith:

Machinery Sound Enclosures
Noise Barriers
Factory Offices
Power Plant Offices
Sound Booths
Quiet Rooms
Factory Pre-Assembled Structures
Soundproof Partitions
Generator Enclosures
Control Rooms
Printing Press Enclosures
RFI Shielding
QC Rooms
Dynamometer Test Cells
Sound Walls
Outdoor Noise Barriers
Product Testing Chambers

EI Williams manufactures standard noise panels for effective sound reduction and pulsation. But at the same time, we can custom design the enclosures to meet your specific requirements, and can be built with windows, doors, removable panels, access panels, and floors. The doors of our noise enclosures are fully equipped with high performance seals and heavy duty hardware that prevents further leakage of noise through the machine. The window panels are tightly gasket sealed and framed as per specific requirements to deliver maximum silencing. If the equipment is in constant operation, removable panels can be incorporated by us in the acoustic enclosure design. Necessary ventilation of the enclosure is also provided into the design, depending on specific requirements. At the same time, we also offer special paints, metal types and finishes on request. We also provide custom nozzle orientations that particularly suit your specific requirements.

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